Here you will find guidance on some of the questions being asked of us, through line managers or via AskHR colleagues. If any member of staff wants to speak to an AskHR advisor, please email askHR@aberdeenshire.gov.uk or call 01467 534400.

We know over the next period of time there will be competing priorities within your life, and a lot of uncertainty which can be really hard to navigate. Please make sure you keep in contact with your line manager to discuss the flexibility that can be put in place to help you to look after your own family as well as continuing to help us deliver essential services.

If you have an operational question, please contact controlroom@aberdeenshire.gov.uk

Follow this link for the latest COVID-19 manager and staff fact sheet.

Other useful documents

SLT dashboard

On a fortnightly basis, our senior leadership team meet to look at the data coming out of our COVID response so far. It helps them plan ahead and see the areas of strength in our collective response. This is the dashboard they reviewed 16 Sept 2020.